domenica 16 dicembre 2012

Ian Vikers

quattro domande secche a ian vikers, che ringraziamo per il tempo che ci ha voluto dedicare.

mb:What inspired you for the new project called V8   
iv: Getting soundly beaten at the 2011 World championships by the new chined boats was the the inspiaration. Admitting defeat to the old style of IOM was difficult, but its always exciting to design a new boat, particularly something this different. There is a lot of room to move with a new concept.

mb: Believe that the current trend of the boats (gibson, bantock, byerley, vickers) is very similar to the boats class Marblehead.
iv: The new boats look narrow like a Marblehead because the topsides have been chined and tucked in. The water line beam is not necessarily much different. The V8 is narrow because there has been a lot of its volume moved to the bow, meaning there is not so much volume needed aft. The new boats behave more like a Marblehead than they used to.

mb: Do you think the "famous" edges or chined hulls are a real advantage over the forms of past projects (V7?)  
iv: Definately, but only in 10 knots of wind or more. They behave better when heeled, and do not loose so much ground the leeward. They are kind to sail.

mb: How difficult it is to race in international competitions IOM class.  
iv: The IOM Class is very big now and attracts good sailors. I am sure that the top sailors in the IOM would do very well internationally in any class of yacht they sailed. It is difficult at a worlds, with so many good sailors in one regatta. I would like to do it more often, but it does cost a lot of money and time to attend events like this. 

thanks Ian

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