lunedì 29 aprile 2013

incredibile !!!

è quello che posta il forum francese . c'è da dire che il 20 e il 22 raccolti da Brad nelle ultime due regate dicono tantissimo. incidente.... di percorso

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  1. Day Four of the USA IOM National championship:

    After 12 races and 48 heats - our worthy 2013 national champion is Ian Vickers from New Zealand, and currently living in San Francisco, where he has started manufacturing his V8 design. In fact he built his lean white V8 just a few weeks before the regatta. The first time I saw Ian sail was at the Famous Potato Regatta in Boise, Idaho last year; and just like there he was always at the front. The only obvious change - the color of his boat.

    Brad Gibson from the UK followed in a fairly close 2nd place position. It was a treat to see first hand how BG sailed and tuned his Britpop, on loan from a Roy Langbord. Brad was a busy boy tuning his Britpop and every other Britpop that populated this regatta. BG was always generous and never more so than in his acceptance talk that praised our champion's skill and his new boat. After this regatta Brad and Victoria are getting married in the US - congratulations!

    Third place goes to Eric Arndt from California, the highest finishing American. He was sailing Dave Creed's Lintel design, which is for sale by the way. I understand Eric is a big-boat professional sailor.

    A well-deserved fourth place goes to Jeff Byerley, a New Zealander living in Oz. Jeff's day job is producing boats and sails from his company known as Mirage Radio Yachts. Jeff sailed his popular Cheinz design on loan from Gary Boell.

    Fiifth place went to last year's popular champion, Tony "Who let the dogs out" Gonsalvez sailing a Cheinz. He was the highest finishing skipper not somehow in the industry. Tony came off the hospital bed after an operation to repair a pitbull bite just a few days before the regatta. A tough guy, and always smiling despite one ugly swollen hand.

    Of course a glance at the score sheet shows tight sailing from the top to the bottom. There was always somebody chasing you just a few points behind, and that's the fun of a Nats. It was sunnier and warmer on this last day that provided our first light air sailing. I only saw one B-rig come out at the end of the day.

    Like every else, closing ceremonies was first class and left me driving home with a good feeling. It takes a while to pass out all the swag and wine bottles seemingly to all the volunteers and skippers. I didn't dream attending a regatta this well-managed with this level of sailing skill when I got into this class a few years ago. Thank you North Bay Sailing Club. Thank you Fred Rocha, you are the catalyst and a difference maker at the USA NCA. Go Oracle Team USA and Matty Mason.

    Bob Wells
    USA 07

    Per dirla tutta ci sono state altre 3 regate , nella foto si fermano alla 9° sono arrivati a 12° .

    Ian 1-12-10
    Brad 10- 3- 1

    Sopra i parziali delle ultime 3 manche....