lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

candy colors

Mi scrive Maurizio Morbidelli
Ciao Massimo, ti ricordi le 4 barche colorate australiane? leggi sotto e se ritieni di pubblicare ne sarei contento; ieri per la barca grande risultato:
Trofeo Campanella = 1° e 3°
Australia = 1°, 2°, 3°
Invernale Lago dei Cigni = 2° (puthod) ad un punto causa un ritiro per problemi ad un servo.

G'Day All,

First of all let us congratulate all our members and visitors who competed in the IOM Australian Championships at Emerald Lakes , regardless of the placings. It was four days of very hot weather and they did us proud. I would also like to applaud the Organizers who did a splendid job in the heat. Bill Clancy and Lindsay Walker and their TEAM, well done!!!

Today's Sailing was a mixed affair with winds South Easterly to North Easterly and early in the day , no wind. The rain was intermittent and some flotsam and jetsam started to appear and catch a few yachts. The good news is we had a good time with a couple of yachts having gremlins.

Congratulations to today's Winner Richard Harradine (The Commodore), with Brian Leydon Second and Alan Young Third.  Well done fellas as picking the wind shifts today was difficult.Strange there was only three new Goth EVO MX7's in the race and they came 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd.We'll see how good you guys are when we have next weeks "Around the Lake Race". That's a Challenge.

Next week earlier star at 11;00 am NSW DST that is 10:00 am Qld. The TTRYC will provide a free sausage sizzle after the first race. All are welcome. Next Monday is Australia Day Holiday, so we hope for a good role up.

See you on The Lake.............Cheers THE SCRIBE.

Saluti, Maurizio.

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  1. E credo che i complimenti a Maurizio vadano fatti veramente, primo per averci creduto e secondo per la serietà con cui sta affrontando il tutto.
    Sono felice di provare l'mx7 e soprattutto di farlo provare ad amici e a persone che vogliono avvicinarsi a questo hobby.
    la barca va bene, è affidabile e facile da usare.
    Pierluigi Puthod