lunedì 8 febbraio 2010

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First information is that there will be no race today. AP flag is over A. That means Race 1 will take place, weather permitting at 1006 local time.
It is reported that things did look a little more promising. The windward mark has moved north and west, so it is now just over two miles offshore at El Saler beach. And the breeze is building and at 11-12 knots at 240 degrees there, so the breeze is still moving left. At the start boat, offshore, there is only 1.5 to 3 knots. Of course there are no published, set limits of windstrength and Principal Race Officer Harold Bennett has refused to be drawn to discuss 'numbers'. As background... there is a prescription from the Deed of Gift in the Sailing Instructions which, in essence, says the Race Committee 'may' stop Leg 1 if in its opinion there is a wind shift of 30 degrees. So, a variance of more than 40 degrees between WW1 mark and the start, and now (in as long a it has taken to write this) 80 degrees, is not going to inspire him with real confidence to 'go'.
Still the breezes are very light and unsettled and the information we have is that the breeze is now in the NW, around 300 deg at the committee boat, and only 3-4 knots and 250 degrees 6 knots. Remember we are talking of a beat which is to be set at 20 miles. Alinghi appear to have kept moving the most, sailing around the possible race area.
The possible Race 1 course area is being moved north and slightly east, where there is the promise of more breeze. It is reported there are around 10 knots in this area. Lat-long of the new top mark position is to be 39°17´90.70 N/ 00°11´16.7 W, so that is about 32 miles offshore and the mark has moved north and slightly east.
Still no significant change on the water but Alinghi have been sailing around a little tracking the breeze perhaps, making a circuit doing around 13-15 knots at times. Alinghi are billed to sail with 14 crew, only one has not won the America's Cup before. That is Frenchman Loick Peyron who is expected to share the steering with Ernesto Bertarelli.
The America's Cup Park here is very busy with a festive atmosphere, all ages and nationalities assembled in front of the giant screens awaiting the historic action. Air temperatures are quite pleasant now, mid-morning.
The quantum leap in technology contrast with the monohulls of the 32nd America's Cup means the gains and losses on the race course will be so much bigger. On the IACC boats the battle was for fractions of a metre. Changing the keel bulb possibly gained 1/2 a metre per minute. On these multis a boat speed difference of 5 knots, which is entirely possible, represents 2.57 metres per second.
The breeze in the start area does remain quite light and the start is still delayed. Start area is set up about 27 miles east of Valencia. The two race yachts Alinghi 5 and USA are sitting almost alongside each other a few hundred metres from the committee boat. Crews look relatively relaxed, just discussing possible weather scenarios. There is reported to be breeze closer to the SW'ly horizon but it is not moving towards the start area very quickly.
Welcome to our live coverage of the scheduled Race 1 of this historic 33rd America's Cup in Valencia. Thank-you for joining us. The purpose of this live ticker feed is primarily for those America's Cup fans who cannot have continuous access to the live images and Virtual Eye, but we aim to provide commentary and information which is also complementary to the live action. Race 1 is under postponement now due to the light, unstable breeze. The Race Committee boat is about 25 miles due East of the entrance to Valencia. They are setting up for a course in S'ly breeze. BMW ORACLE Racing have starboard tack rights on entry into the start arena.
Welcome to the first race of the 33rd America's Cup!

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