lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

Trevor Bamforth interviuw - rewind

le domande erano state fatte un po' di tempo fa'; Trevor mi ha risposto soltanto qualche giorno fa' in quanto e' molto impegnato con il lavoro. vi allego il testo direttamente in lingua originale.
Hi Massimo,Very sorry I have not replied to your questions, I will do so now. I used to work for Cookson Boats in New Zealand were we built the 2 America's Cup boats NZL57 & NZL60 in 2000, but since coming to Europe I have not really followed what is happening in the America's Cup, some how I lost interest in it, the polictics of it all upset me. I think the best advice I can give to set up a IOM is be very precise with the fine detail of rig tuning. Check to see that the mast is in line with the fin when viewed from astern. Sail setting can be difficult for beginners, usually they have far to much tension on the sails both luff & leech, this can be hard for some people to understand when they are learning but it is very important. Sail twist is also very important, the sails need to luff at the same time when the boat is brought up into the wind very slowly. I think the thing to do is get skippers to look at the winning boats set up & try to copy them, this way it will soon become fairly easy to get a good trim, above all practice practice practice!!!I came to Europe in 2000 to visit many countries & also race IOM, this year (2010) I will be racing a lot more I hope. I definitly hope to race in UK at the world's in 2011. Twilight is a new IOM that I'm working on, I make a lot of IOM sails & work at a College in Bristol in the evenings so getting time to work on the boat is difficult a lot of the time but I do what I can, hopefully it will get done this year. I really enjoyed the Italian Nationals in 2004 at Viareggio & I have made many friends in Italy. Stefano Savalli really looked after us during our stay & drive us back to the airport when we left. I have been back to Italy on one other occasion to disscuss the building of my MK2 IOM design & again Stefano was very accomodating. I also spent some time with the race boat crew while the guys sailed Dinghy's on a near by lake. I really like Italy & would love to retire there, it's my favourite country in Europe! Also Valintino Rossi is the best in Moto GP which I always watch on TV. I will be coming to Italy sometime this year but not yet sure when this will be. I also like Italian women very much!!! I enjoy being in Europe because it is so different to New Zealand & it's possible to do much more IOM racing here & there are many nice people to meet. Hope this will be good for your blog, sorry it took so long. Happy New Year! Best Regards Trevor

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